About Brodny

ANTIQUE JEWELRY... It is beautiful. It is history. It is art.

People throughout the ages have enjoyed jewelry for personal adornment, historical significance, and as a valued investment.

Brodny Art & Antiques offers a wonderful array of antique jewelry. We select antique and estate jewelry with a focus and genuine concern for authenticity. Each piece matters and each piece meets our exacting criteria. We look for exceptional examples from many eras. A purchase must meet our professional, high standards of style, quality, and integrity of construction before being added to our ever- changing portfolio.

Brodny Art & Antiques is a continuation of Jeannette’s Jewels established in Chicago in 1964. My beloved parents, Jeannette and her husband Max were world travelers. They acquired jewelry from Bangkok to Boston to Buenos Aires and from the Far East to France. Upon their return from travels abroad we would sit at our dining room table. As each newly acquired, hand selected treasure passed across our dining room table, I was educated and privileged to handle, examine and fall in love with the beauty, historical merit and exquisite craftmanship.

Jeannette and her jewels lit a spark and passion in me for this breathtaking industry. Upon their deaths in 1979 and 1980 the very much lit torch was passed to me and I picked up where Jeannette left off. Within a few years I became a gemologist (GIA, 1988) and then a certified appraiser, (ISA 2003).

After 25 years in the business, we still love every moment. Yes, that’s how long this company has helped people with their jewelry selections. It continues to give us great pleasure seeing our customers find the perfect piece, one that suits their personality and individual style. And of course all buying and selling transactions as well as appraisals and consultations are confidential.

Brodny Art & Antiques now offers Internet viewing and purchasing of some of our loveliest pieces, so please peruse and enjoy at your leisure.

Then we encourage you to:

  • Phone with requests, questions, or to purchase
  • Create a wish list (there is always a special event coming!)
  • E- mail and share your jewelry passions with us
  • Let us know what you’re seeking and we can keep our eyes open on your behalf

Pleasant viewing and happy shopping.

Most Sincerely,

Phyllis Brodny